FUN​-​A​-​DAY 2011!

by jenna and the pups!

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I wrote/recorded a song a day for The Art Clash Collective's Fun-A-Day 2011!


released February 11, 2011



all rights reserved


jenna and the pups! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: doored by a delorean
doc opened the driver's side door of the delorean, but he wasn't paying any attention to the bike lane. i got doored by the delorean! marty mcfly jumped out and yelled 'we need to go back in time!' so we did and we fixed everything in about an hour and a half thanks to movie magic.
Track Name: south street bridge 11/06/10
one day in november 2010 south street bridge reopened. this is a little part of that story. south street you're open. i held my bike in the air with mama bear and eighteen by my side. don't close again.
Track Name: the morning
i'm gonna wake up and make mysef get out of bed. i will then brish my teeth and go get some breakfast. sharing bagels with panda bear is on my list of favorites. cookies and coffee with my boo, let's not forget.
Track Name: the afternoon
get on my bike, pick up my keys, make sure to say hi to maxxie. walk for hours with all my dogs, loving our lives under the sky. take kali on a pee break to satellite for wraps with tofu. say 'hello' to devin, courtney, chelsa, katie, wylder, zem, jheny, all friends i see.
Track Name: the evening
get home, write songs, hang with p.bear, make food then share it with p.bear. call eighteen, go on adventures. mad rad porch hangs with mama bear. ride my bike to everything. hopefully i definitely will be productive and get tired, crawl in bed and then fall asleep.
Track Name: fatty ratkins
oh, how i miss you snuggling on my shoulder, hidden away in the collar of my shirt in your safe place. oh, fatty ratkins.
Track Name: haikus for tim dunn
tim dunn i've got a haiku for you. i write them all the time because you are an inspiration to any and all things positive i could do. you are the sweetest you bet. free books and smiles you're always making philly gorgeous great and friendly. here's another one- everyday i see tim dunn saving west philly with his posi vibes.
Track Name: thank you donkey!
you mailed a package that mailed me swoon on my birthday. oh boy, you made me smile and ever since that smile started it hasn't quit. thank you donkey.
Track Name: we ain't never scared, mama bear
mama bear, we told those mother fuckers that we're never scared. we ain't never scared. north side, east side, west side, south side. so i'm outside of the club and you think that i'm a punk. so i go to my loaded tech-9 that's off in the trunk.
Track Name: stacy darrah pt. 1 + 2
stacy darrah pt 1
stacy darrah, dare i say you are one my totally favorite people to see at any and every moment. you always have amazingly posi vibes to send my way without ever needing a reason why. you deffinately deserve more than just one song so another one will follow this one in not too long!

stacy darrah pt 2
again i'll say just how much you mean to me- your friendship and your kindness and love for beings. you are truly amazing and i will always think the highest of you. i hope this song finds a place in your heart.
Track Name: the fu wah song
i can't explain the way it feels when i get my mouth on a tofu hoagie with everything, obviously. thanks dave and everyone at fu wah. you are so excellent to me even if i just buy those delicous vegan smores, ginger ale, potatoes, soy milk with my favorite cookies mint newman os.
Track Name: fuck that, you hug (for seany bear)
oh seany bear, what can i say besides "fuck that i hug?" oh wait! that's what you say. how i love when you get home and visit me in my room to give me the best hug. fuck that you hug!
Track Name: blacked out pupils (for greg fowler)
on a sea of glitter two colorful spheres fell in love to a beatles song. i told you, greg fowler, that i'd right novels about it but instead here's a jam that's not too long. two gregs in one room sharing one bag with a lot of mushrooms. blizzards outside, movie like nights, listening to sgt pepper on repeat for the first time, bouncy balls and blacked out pupils. i saw god in my light bulb and she was beautiful.
Track Name: swapping smiles (for tim dunn)
i saw you on the street again cleaning up again cause the only things you do are good. i cant wait till we meet again and swap smiles my friend because those are definitely things we should do on a daily basis, cause when i see your face it makes me and my heart glow for sure.
Track Name: hot and heavy harmony
don't use a light, I can find you fine, my hands paint your picture in my mind.cause I want to know your body like my own. And I want to hold you.
Track Name: the best album ever (for ramona cordova)
you wrote the best album ever. lets play shows together. i hope you think me imitating one of your songs is endearing and take it as the higest form of flattery.
Track Name: what's that noise? (for sharon wasko)
sharon wasko you gave me a chance. we met in the dog bowl and decided that you, sharon wasko, would give me a job hanging out with things that i love most of all. sharon wasko i love being your employee, i love sitting pets, what's that noise? it's a drum solo and our favorites! oh my dog, damn, holy shit! i cant believe that they call this a job. it''s like my passionate past time where i get to ride my bike and hang out with the bestest damn animals everz!
Track Name: bff (for scott monaghan)
my best friend's full name happens to be scott monaghan. we met in 2002, without him i don't know what i'd do. he's always there for me and i'll always be there for him. we love each other so damn much. this best friendship will never end because we're best friends till we die.
Track Name: bff the remix
Track Name: xviii (for maggie eighteen)
xviii i really like you. so they call it love, i'd never argue. rocky you stand taller than your statue on the pedestal that i've built for you. the major is my major crush and they're always he most excellent.
Track Name: zoe, come back!
we walk together to the park, intending to stay there till dark. and now we notice that there's no one else around
to bother either one of us so of course now we fool around. so i grabbed your ball and threw it for you cause it's what you love most of all. if i threw a ball now to new mexico- would you please bring it back to me because i miss you so.
Track Name: thanks for being so sweet, stefanie canadia!
pipi, thanks for catching me at he bottom of the hill. so i, greg dean in my panda bear mask, would not get killed. stephanie, you're among the amazing people that i have added to a list that holds the names of the special ones who are so supportive and important. i wanted to say thanks for being so sweet to me.
Track Name: that shit is B-A-N-A-N-A whips (for kim mitchell)
i wasnt sure who to sing about. then you popped up on a cloud in my day dream when i was half asleep. and soon i'll slow it down just to tell you how i miss seeing you around. your foul mouth, your filter that does not exist, your garbage food, your hand me downs, your seemstressness. kim mitchell, i miss you. i know you're doing great things in china but sometimes i wish you were processing dumpstered bananas into banana whip back here in west philly.
Track Name: dad the cat
dad, you i don't want you to go and i know that you don't want to leave but i think that we both know it's what's better for you and me. i'm going to miss curling up to go to sleep in my leather jacket. oh you know there'll be no worrying on whether i'll be visiting you in your new home. and if you need anything like your fatty belly full of treats- you just let me know.
Track Name: the unholy trinity haus
dear friends, if you ever need a place to sleep, to eat, to love, to play- boy have i got the place for you! it's full of heathens friends and love. a safe place for any and everyone with an open mind and an open heart.
Track Name: i'm coming, papa bear!/i totes adore everything 'bout you(for morgan ward)/laugh, blush, gasp, crush(for jakey)
i'm coming, papa bear
papa bear, oh do i dare say i'm missing you and what i need to do is bring my baby bear ass to the south. maybe we can go to a death match or pour whiskey into our mouths.

i totes adore everything about you
oh morgan ward, there isn't anything that i do not adore about you. no, not a thing! i miss you so. i wish i took advantage more of the time i had when you were still around. but even now your now that far away so maybe i should just get my ass to your town! morgan ward there isnt anything that i do not adore about you. no, not a thing! im promising you'll be seeing me soon enough.

i really like how there is no filter on your brain or your mouth. every time your mouth opens awesome things come out that make me laugh or blush or gasp or crush.
Track Name: my fun-a-day theme song (featuring the 20 sided house)
i love any and all reasons to make things everyday with friends. fun-a-day in january 2011- a good reason to be productive everyday then share it with friends. this is a fun a day theme song. listen as we all sing along.