pants for pants

by jenna and the pups!

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released June 21, 2015



all rights reserved


jenna and the pups! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: pants for pants
those are pants for pants. i’m in such like like. you stole my heart. I’m ready to die in your arms tonight in your bed next to you. I’m perfectly happy to be dead.
Track Name: i promise to do nothing
i’ll ask you to do one thing and i’ll try and do the same. i’ll try to keep this promise that we make ourselves today. i promise to do nothing for you unless it feels good. i just want to make you feel so good. i just want you feeling good things with happy thoughts when it involves me. i want you to feel so good with me.
Track Name: i wanna be your girlfriend
i know it sounds bonkers and out of my brain but what am i supposed to do? i can’t stop thinking of you... how do you feel? i hope that it's the same. i wanna be your girlfriend no matter how far away. you're the most perfect intense surprise. it’s still hard to accept that it’s true. you single handedly destroy my bitterness. i can’t believe how fast i fell in love with you.
Track Name: tucked in & tuckered out
was it love at first sight? i can’t say. was it love at first “hi"? maybe, but it sure was love after the first hug. you tucked me in then tuckered me out. there is no doubt i fell in love within seconds of meeting you. ouch! my heart hurts 'cause you’re too cute. i couldn’t tell if this was a real thing or if my brain was just playing tricks on me but soon i just knew it and fell for the creepiest. you tucked me in then tuckered me out. there is no doubt i fell in love within seconds of meeting you. ouch! my heart hurts 'cause you’re too cute. hey, let's make out come over! ok?
Track Name: sticking around for you
you make me want to wear my pink bike helmet to be safe. i do not want to get hurt while you’re in this universe.
Track Name: the weirdest most best creepy
what is wrong with my head? it’s not all clouded up and mostly fucked… i got up out of bed and the day didn’t just start to suck. there is something weird. something strange in the air. i left and went outside and my stress levels were not that high. anxiety seemed low. i wore a smile and felt more in control. there is someone weird. someone perfect and queer. who could it be? the weirdest most best creepy. it’s all because of you and the things you do. you make me feel so sweet and loved. and because of you and the things you do i feel like a cute sweetheart pup. there is someone weird. someone perfect and queer. i love that it’s you and the creepy things do.
Track Name: creative and happy
i think about you all the time. there’s no way to get you off my mind from when i wake up until bed time and now even in my dreams. But i will not fight these feelings that have made me feel the most creative and happy from a love thats coast to coast. so i will keep thinking about you all day and night and i'll keep falling harder for you if that's alright. is that alright?
Track Name: perfectly happy to be dead
i fell into a hole again. i bent over to just look in and your hand was reaching for me. you pulled me in and i don’t want to leave. now that we’re in here why would i ever leave? you might as well bury us now because i don’t plan on coming out.
Track Name: stealing everything for you
i thought i would steal these riffs from a song that wasn’t made about you. every time that i heard it i thought "how could it not be?" because the way it makes me feel is upbeat and i wanna skate around and think about you while i swerve inside and out of traffic so blissed out. so i stole it for you. it's the least i could do. i want you to know if i can steal things i will because i heard you just might like thieves. here you go. i stole this song for you. you make me feel like no one else and i want to show you how much i like you. it’s sometimes hard to really tell you how great you make my heart and brain feel. i’ll steal anything and give it to you. i stole this beating heart for you.
Track Name: singing you to sleep
i know that these are just songs and that it's not the physically me. i thought you could put them on and listen to them if I can’t be there for you right in that moment of need. i hate the idea of that but we know that it is something that might come up so i thought i'd give you these. just pretend it’s me singing you to sleep. then you’ll never be alone.